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Ron Paul: Squaring the circle

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Among a dreary cabal of shopworn politicos running for US president, one provides hope for the Middle East, but does he have a chance, asks Eric Walberg
22/11/7 -- The 2007 primaries displayed to the world its range of possible new leaders. The US media first latched onto Democrat New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who supported President George W Bush's invasion of Iraq and continues to support the occupation (Bush lite), and the Republicans on New York ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani who thinks Bush is a wimp and can't wait to attack Iran (Bush on steroids). The latter, despite his support for abortion, has just been endorsed by TV evangelist Pat Robertson, who argues that "the overriding issue before the American people is the defence of our population from the bloodlust of Islamic terrorists." Both potential presidents put service to Israel at the top of their agendas.

US politics and Zionism: Marching to a different beat

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UNITED States General David Petraeus's report 13 September to Congress was greeted on the streets of Washington by a 100,00 strong demonstration led by Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). Two-hundred were arrested, including the iconic Cindy Sheehan, in a Political climate change is heating up American minds, observes Eric Walberg

20/9/7 -- As the presidential primaries began to dominate the headlines in 2007, it started to look like 1968, when the dark horse Democrat, Senator Eugene McCarthy, stunned political analysts by leaping ahead of the pack with his promise to pull the troops out of Vietnam immediately. Interestingly this time round, the good news was in the Republican camp, where McCarthy's unlikely clone is the libertarian Ron Paul.


Bush's Divine Comedy: Part I -- The good, the bad...

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As the White House lame duck's Inferno in Iraq and Afghanistan drags on, the wars on the home front continue to fester, though with some red light at the end of the tunnel, observes Eric Walberg
15/11/7 -- New enemies in United States President George W Bush's wars are popping up in unexpected places. The latest one is peaceful Europe, where determined demonstrators and human rights lawyers recently ambushed former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld at a breakfast meeting in Paris organised by Foreign Policy magazine. He fled, fearing arrest over charges of ordering and authorising torture of detainees at both Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

US vs Russia: Who is on the warpath?

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Recent media hysteria about those damned Russians diverts attention from the emperor's old new clothes, laments Eric Walberg
23/8/7 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin said 17 August that the Russian Air Force would resume regular, long-range patrols by nuclear- capable strategic bombers after a 15-year break following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The bombers were flying over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the North Pole, and were being escorted by NATO fighter jets, recalling Cold War-era standoffs. He suggested that the decision was a response to military threats to Russia. "Russia stopped this practice in 1992. Unfortunately not everybody followed suit. This creates a strategic risk for Russia.

Obama: Lincoln or Ford?

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The question now swirling around political corridors is whether Obama will fight the monsters or let them off the hook, says Eric Walberg

30/4/9-- In response to a Freedom of Information Act request by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), United States President Barack Obama authorised the release by the US Justice Department of four detailed memos describing and justifying torture techniques used by the CIA to gather information from prisoners. Bush's Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) framed 14 techniques, such as waterboarding, forced nudity, and prolonged sleep deprivation, to appear legal despite the prohibition in international law against "cruel, inhuman or degrading" treatment.


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